Diana Koivunen (dimakoi) wrote,
Diana Koivunen

Wow my first "vacation" in years

Well, it's actually a "family maintenance" excursion, but I can still have fun. And, since I can, I'm blogging the "adventure" It's 1:30 pm and I'm sitting in a Burger King with Internet access in Willits, California, having been on the road since 9 am. Yes, It took me almost 5 hours to get to Willits. Too bad I didn't stop in SF at 11... Herein lies the tale (I think I've been listening to too much Rider Haggard, but more on that later.) I had planned to leave as soon as I got off work on Wednesday. I won't go into details, but the project was delayed and I couldn't reach a good stopping point until late Thursday. I'm also having to do this on the cheap, for other reasons I won't go into in a public blog. Let's just make it sufficient to say, don't ever lend money you think you can spare for a few months to someone who says he's just waiting for his loan to come through and he'll pay you back in a couple weeks. Anyway, between the schedule with my client, a good friends surgery, and some drama's happening with my housemate (who also lent the above person some cash and ran short this month.) I was emotionally and physically exhausted by the time I left the office on Thursday. I hadn't even packed yet. I hadn't picked up my tent from the storage locker. I hadn't gotten the new tires that my mechanic had told me I'd need before the end of the year. Last night I packed, set up my room so my landlord can pop in and feed Neko. It was after 10 when I finally finished everything. The storage locker closes at 10. I decided that sleep was a better option. I'd planned to leave the house by 5:30am. I woke at 7:30. got the rest of the car packed by 8:15, Picked up some cash for gas, got gas, mailed a letter, and made it to the storage locker at 8:45. I left there at 9, stopped to get some coffee, some on road groceries and use the restroom at the shopping center where I work on weekends. From there I caught the connector to 280 at 9:45. Normally, the trip to Golden Gate bridge takes about 30 minutes. Traffic and I suspect a really bad traffic accident on 19th avenue said otherwise. The CHP was hosing off the intersection (I didn't keep track of which one) as I passed through. Before that It took me almost an hour to go from where 280 turns into SF, and Where the accident occurred. Fortunately for me, I'd picked up a couple of books on tape and Had something to do while I was literally inching my way across San Francisco. I'm currently on tape 4 of a 9 tape set of H. Rider Haggard's "She". I've been meaning to read the book since I bought a copy back in the 60's. Due to the 18th Century language, and pacing it's been very hard to get into. I'm glad I saw a copy at the library, as it's pacing is ...perfect for a long car ride. I can enjoy the descriptions, and I won't have the tendency to skip ahead as I do when I'm reading fast. The pacing is such that you can miss something important if you skim the text and lose some of the context. "She" is the Grandmother of all adventure stories and many movies have been based on it and its concepts as well as the Haggard's "King Solomon's Mines." Well Breaks over. I've got to get back on the road. My next checkpoint point is Eureka hopefully by 4:30, but with all the highway construction going on, that might be a problem.
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Sounds like it's been an adventure even before you saw the road.

Give your mom a hug for us. & when are you coming this way? We've got room for you.
Have a good and safe trip! Good thoughts to your family too.

I too am having a good time traveling. I am currently in the wilds of New Jersey (not far from NYC), a neighborhood that I'm sure Lynn could describe -- though I strongly suspect she'd rather not. :-)

This is my first visit to the NYC area in about ten years. I'll be explaining more later.