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dimakoi's Journal

Diana Koivunen
We are all the sum of our many experiences.

What am I? A writer, and photographer since age 10 when my dad gave me my first camera, an amature historian after listening to all my dads tales of the first half of the century.

I've trained dogs and cats (yes cats can be trained). So, I suppose that makes me some sort of an animal trainer. I've exhibited paintings in my youth, and written poetry. I've played fiddle in a band. Not very well... None of it very well, I suppose.

Fortunately, I'm more than just a sum of my parts.

I've lived through 4 recessions before this one. They seem to come at 10 year intervals.

I watched the first men launched into space on a tv rented by my school. I was hiking in eastern Oregon during the historic moonwalk, and, as all of us in my summer biology class stared up at the moon, heard the famous words over a small radio.

I went through the Kennedy assasination, watching the whole thing on a rented TV; rented because my parents kept saying: "This is history in the making, so you kids have to watch this."

Which meant we also saw Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald.

No, I wasn't a hippy in the 60's. My town was a few years behind the movement.

I could go on, but to say I saw history being made is an understatement. I lived some of it.

We all have. Its happening as we speak.